An impromptu marriage proposal recently took place in Wiltshire, as a musical event returned to the county.

Classic Ibiza took to the stage at Bowood House on last Friday and Saturday - where the happy couple became engaged.

More than 6,700 people were in the crowd to watch the Urban Soul Orchestra when they got to witness something a bit different, as well as experiencing four-hours of Balearic-infused sounds.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Crowd of 6,700 at Bowood. Photo: David Evans.Crowd of 6,700 at Bowood. Photo: David Evans.

Fliss Goodwin and Leon Briggs from Llanelli took centre stage, as Leon’s grand plans finally came together.

Classic Ibiza’s Lisa Ward said: “We’ve had some unusual audience requests in the past, but an on-stage marriage proposal has to be up there.

“Our Bowood audience always bring an extra-special vibe to the show, we just weren’t expecting that. Our congratulations go to the happy couple, I’m already thinking about what to wear for the wedding!”

Fresh from the proposal, Fliss Goodwin said: “Thank you Classic Ibiza for making a once in a lifetime experience even more memorable. I guess it’s a good job I said yes!”

PR for Classic Ibiza Alex Charlwood said: “We do the usual sort of on-screen shoutouts so this was a bit different. We got lots of comments on Facebook about it and it seemed to go down well."