A stranger recently decided to help an 11-year-old boy to pay for his shopping in Marlborough, in a random act of kindness as he did not quite have the correct change.

He had gone into Waitrose on the main high street on July 16 as a favour to his mother, and a lady standing behind him in the queue quickly offered to pay for the child after he realised he was around £9 short when he came to the checkout.

His mother, Nicola, was especially grateful for the stranger’s generosity and effort to help her son out.

She said: “I think he was really gobsmacked as he came out with the shopping saying he couldn’t believe it and wanted to find the lady. We drove around but we couldn’t find her on the day.”

“People can be kind, but it’s the random stranger thing.

"As a parent we’re constantly protecting our children so it was just really sweet and it was in a safe environment as well.

“There was a real sense of people coming together during Covid and I think that’s been lost quite dramatically, so this felt like a really kind thing to do.”