Wiltshire recently experienced high temperatures of up to 40°C- causing a ‘distressing’ impact on Devizes’ famous pond known as the Crammer.

Concerns have been raised over the state of the pond’s water over recent months, and now the warm water is limiting the oxygen levels for the fish according to the Devizes Town Clerk, Simon Fisher.

The council has been working on an ‘aeration process’ but has warned that the problem could still continue.

If this is the case, the council’s current plan is to seek help from the fire service.

Simon Fisher said: “The impact the current spell of hot weather is having on the fish population in the Crammer has been quite significant and is quite distressing to see.

“The Crammer is effectively a still body of water and unlike rivers which are free flowing naturally oxygenate themselves. We understand from talking to Wiltshire Wildlife that when there is a spell of very warm weather, the oxygen level in still water falls to a point where some fish can’t survive.

“To help increase the oxygen level we have been supported by our local Devizes Firefighters who have been running fresh water from the hydrant into the Crammer.”