A man from Marlborough is set to take on an MMA fight after having a kidney transplant.

Stephen Todman is taking on the challenge to become the first person to go back to Mixed Martial Arts after having a kidney transplant, as well as raise money for Kidney UK.

He had the transplant in September and was able to go home after five days spent recovering in hospital.

Three weeks later, he walked 12 miles- and he is now more determined than ever to get back to normal.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Stephen Todman post surgeryStephen Todman post surgery

Stephen believes that one person underwent a kidney transplant before going back to boxing, and then retired shortly after due to level of demand needed.

Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of Martial Arts, incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling and other disciplines.

It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and requires a great deal of preparation.

Stephen explained: “My new kidney isn’t protected by ribs or anything, so I do have to be wary about how I’m protecting myself, how I’m moving and what parts of me are presented as a target.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Stephen training post surgeryStephen training post surgery

“Intelligent defence is the main thing for me in this.

“Going back to the gym to train felt like I was fighting for my life after surgery!”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Stephen in competition before surgeryStephen in competition before surgery

Considering what has motivated him to take such a challenge on, Stephen noted: “I looked into it, and no one has ever had a kidney transplant and gone back to MMA.

“It’s a newer sport than boxing but I thought I’d getting my name there as the only person to do it would be something cool to leave behind when I’m gone and something for my son to be proud of me for.”

Another big part of his journey has been having the support of his boxing connections who have helped him to get back out there safely.

Gary Turland, who is promoting the event at Raged UK said: “We kept in touch after his surgery, and I needed a little bit of help on the show. He’s quite a key member of staff with what I had him doing backstage, and I guess it kind of ignited something in him.

“He floated the idea of going back to it, and my first reaction was- no way. He asked again and I spoke to the medical team and they were able to clear him.

“Ultimately he’s taken it on board himself, and knows the risks. But we’re happy to have him back.”