THE leader of a campaign to stop toilets in a Chippenham town park from being demolished says “common-sense has prevailed.”

Chris Caswill is “delighted” that Chippenham town councillors have rejected proposals to knock down the toilets in Monkton Park and replace them with an Eco-toilet.

Mr Caswill, who chairs 200-strong Friends of Monkton Park Group, said: “Common sense has prevailed. We are delighted with the result.”

“The councillors rejected the officer’s proposals and asked him to come back with some options to refurbish the existing toilets.”

At a town hall meeting on Wednesday evening, the councillors were told the £100,000 cost was to demolish the toilets and rebuild them.

 The council says the existing toilet block location behind a privet hedge is in a low-visibility area of the park and makes some people feel vulnerable.

The toilets have allegedly experienced a lot of anti-social behaviour over the years, including misuse by drug-takers.

The council wants to replace the toilets with a “next generation” Eco toilet costing around £28,000 with a compost vault and soakaway option.

Among the options likely to be considered are modernising the existing toilets and also providing the Eco-toilet as well.

Mr Caswill and Chippenham councillor Dr Nick Murry had voiced “serious concerns” about the proposals and the lack of public consultation.

Mr Caswill, who used to be a councillor for Monkton Park, said the council has recognised it needs to improve signage within the park to the toilets.

Cllr Murry said the council has not taken into account the impact on the public and visitors to the town who use the toilets.

The toilets are close to the Monkton Park Golf Course and its Tenth Hole Tea Room, which requires the toilets for café users.

The town council wants to locate the new Eco toilet at the end of the multi-use games area just off the tarmac path and make it more accessible.

Cllr Murry also has concerns about bringing an Eco toilet into a park within a Conservation Area and the planning requirements, and the lack of water supply for users.

He says there will be no water available in the Eco toilet for handwashing hygiene and baby changing and the potential pollution with urine simply soaking into the ground.

He’s also concerned about the potential costs of providing an electricity supply to the Eco toilet and of revamping the existing toilets to a higher water efficiency and ecological standard.