DORSET & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued an update on the wildfires on Salisbury Plain that have led to thousands of residents having to keep their doors and windows closed during the scorching hot weather.

The service disclosed that there are some small pockets of fire left in the northern area of the plain. 

It said: “The helicopter is being deployed again this morning to extinguish these small areas of fire and further dampen down any ‘hot spots’ and review the area.”

In an earlier update, DWFRS said: “The helicopter water drop yesterday successfully doused large areas of fire around the impact area, and firefighting continued on site last night until it got dark.

“DWFRS resources are back on scene this morning – two water carriers, a small 4×4 appliance and a fire engine – and are providing the water supply to the helicopter, which will be flying again today. Further information on progress should be available this afternoon.”

The wildfires were caused during live ammunition firing by military units of the British Army practicing ahead of a deployment.

Soldiers from the Second Parachute Regiment and the Royal Artillery worked with DWFRS firefighters to try and contain the fires.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation has apologised for the inconvenience caused by toxic fumes from the smoke.