CALNE: A two-storey dwelling is going to be built on land to the north of the Old Police House, 6 Main Road, Cherhill.

The proposals also include a garage, parking and a driveway.

The site has been the subject of three previous planning applications. In 1992, an application for outline consent was made for a single storey dwelling and garage and a dwelling with a garage. This was rejected.

A later application for a dwelling in 2011 was also refused.  In 2012, the then owner presented an amended scheme for a detached dwelling with garage within the rear garden area. This approved in 2013 subject to a legal agreement for to cover the requirements which were relevant in the North Wiltshire area at that time.

This permission was not however, implemented, and the applicants now seek to effectively ‘renew’ that consent subject to the small changes. 

DEVIZES: Plans for an extension to the Vets Hospital in Devizes have been submitted.

The extension would be to form staircase access into the attic, as well as alterations and raising a section of the roof to form accomodation for the staff. 

The application says there are limited facilities for the staff, who are often in 'isolation' from the day-to-day appointments in the main reception building.

It adds: "Toilets, showering, washing of bedding, drinking and eating are not really supplied in the Hospital, and there is also often the need for a member of staff to be 'stationed' in the hospital through the night. 

"The use of the attic space above the Hospital could be utilised without increasing the footprint of the building. An internal staircase has been thoroughly investigated, but each scheme offered, significantly disrupted the operations of the unit, or caused access issues for the animals in the isolation area of the hospital, so reluctantly the addition of the 'external staircase' was the only option."

RAMSBURY: A former Methodist church near Marlborough could be turned into a house and studio space if new plans are approved. 

There is also a former school room which forms part of the application, but permission for change of use for this has already been approved. 

The application says the church is "redundant", having closed in 2018 due to its dwindling congregation and was amalgamated with the Methodist Church in nearby Aldbourne.

Subsequently, in September 2020, the Methodist Church Trustees put the combined schoolrooms and church property on the market.

A letter from a chartered surveyor confirms that Ramsbury Parish Council discussed the sale of the property and concluded there was no benefit to it being bought or kept for community use. 

The application adds: "It is considered the conversion and change of use of the entire property to residential use is the only practical proposition, given the site’s location, access, lack of on-site parking and overall condition. The creation of a large studio in the heart of the building would also provide an inspiring space for the occupant to pursue work-from-home activity or other interests as part of their private living space."

EXTENSIONS: Applications have been lodged to build extensions to houses, or to build or convert outbuildings and lofts at 134 Sheldon, Chippenham; Rowan Cottage, Lower Chicksgrove, Tisbury; Panbride, 1 Old Track, Limpley Stoke.