Amesbury residents were greeted with a world-class aerobatic display from the Black Eagles this week.

The Republic of Korean Air Force display team took to the skies on Monday and Tuesday morning (4 & 5 July) and eagle-eyed residents captured the performance.

Currently stationed at MOD Boscombe Down, the Black Eagles were practicing to obtain their Civil Aviation Authority accreditation ahead of their first UK air show since 2012.

Facebook user Bryan Smith recorded the Black Eagles' practice show

Yvonne Timmins, an Amesbury resident, said that as the Black Eagles came to land, the jets flew low enough to set off her car alarm.

"Great display enjoyed every moment even when my bones shook when they came into land," she added.

The full Black Eagles display sequence

  1. Change Loop (Big Arrow to Penta) then Reverse (Arrow): 8 Ship formation change loop
  2. Change Turn(Cross to Penta) then Turn (Diamonde to Albatross to Eagle): 8 Ship formation change turn
  3. Roll (Wedge): 8 ship roll
  4. Bon Ton Roulle then Roll Off (Penta to Canard) and join vertical reverse: 8 ship simultaneous roll
  5. Rainfall: 8 ships clover-leaf then split
  6. Scissor Pass: 4 ships
  7. Vortex: 4 ships
  8. Double Cross Turn: 2 ships
  9. Goose: 6 ships
  10. Heart and Cupid: 3 ships
  11. Orchid: 5 ships
  12. 2 ships High and Loop: 3 ships
  13. Roll Back and Afterburner Loop: 5 ships
  14. Taegeuk (태극): 2 ships (the national flag of Korea)
  15. Gourd Bottle: 6 ships
  16. Rock & roll: 2 ships
  17. Inverted Bottom Up Pass: 2 ships
  18. Echelon Review: 4 ships
  19. Double Helix: 4 ships
  20. Eagle Snatch: 4 ships
  21. Dizzying Break: 4 ships
  22. Twist Roll: 4 ships
  23. Maximum Manoeuver: 1 ship
  24. Victory Break: 7 ships
  25. Tornado Landing: 8 ships

Plans for the Black Eagles to fly with the Red Arrows have been arranged to "highlight the two countries' friendship", according to the Republic of Korea Air Force.