A MAN was arrested in Devizes yesterday on suspicion of drug driving. 

The 18-year-old man from Milton Keynes was arrested on Sidmouth Street.

Officers were on patrol when a member of the public brought a vehicle to their attention. The police followed and could smell cannabis strongly coming from the vehicle.

When stopped, further evidence of drug use was found within and the driver was required to participate in a roadside screening test.

The driver tested positive for cannabis and was arrested and brought to the police station for a blood test.

He has been released under investigation pending laboratory results.

If the bloods show that he has more than a trace amount of cannabis in his system he will most likely receive a ban and a fine.

Wiltshire Police said: "Drug driving impairs your ability and is a serious risk to your safety and the safety of others. Don’t do it.

"We did not get to speak to the other driver who pointed out the offender’s vehicle, but would like to sincerely thank them for their help."