The Tory MP for Devizes Danny Kruger has said he doesn’t agree “that women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy” on abortion.

Mr Kruger made the comments during an urgent question in the House Of Commons over the recent overturning of the landmark Roe vs Wade case in the United States. 

The US Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ruling has effectively ended the constitutional right to an abortion for millions of US women, and individual states are now able to ban the procedure again.

Mr Kruger also said he doesn’t believe we should lecture the United States on this “political” decision.

In full, he said: "I sympathise with the degree of distress and concern felt by many members in the House on the Supreme Court's decision and the fact I probably disagree with most members who've spoken so far about this question. They think women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy, whereas I think in the case of abortion that right is qualified by the fact that another body is involved." 

He added: "But we can disagree on that question, that's the purpose. And I offer to members who are trying to talk me down that this is a proper topic for political debate and my point to the frontbench is I don't understand why are lecturing the United States on a judgement to return the power of decision over this political question to the state, to democratic decision-makers, rather than leaving it in the hands of the court. 

Mr Kruger also voted against extending abortion access in Northern Ireland last week. 

A tweet of the comments by Adam Bienkov, Political Editor and Correspondent of the Byline Times, has attracted significant attention, with more than 400 retweets and quote tweets. 

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Mr Kruger declined to comment further when approached by the Gazette and Herald