Children at Kennet Valley School in Marlborough got to spend a day celebrating all of their reading successes from the past year at school last Friday.

Each year the school runs a reading reward scheme to encourage their children to read as much at home and in school as they can.  

This year the children were awarded ‘Brag Tags’ for each 30 home reads that they completed, as an incentive for them to get their noses in as many books as possible. 

A ‘Brag Tag’ is a card that you can collect and display on a keyring and each tag earnt allowed a different aspect of the party to be ‘bought’.  

These included soft drinks, snacks, face paints, and glow sticks, and claim their rewards at a party.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:
Teacher, Mrs Byford said: “We love reading at Kennet Valley and have just applied for the Wiltshire year of Reading Silver Award and are crossing fingers that we are awarded it. 

“Having a reading reward system means that children are keen to make sure that they read as much as possible at home and we know that this makes a real difference in school – not only to their reading but to other aspects of the curriculum such as creative writing.”