Local Chippenham charity Kandu Arts are working to amplify marginalised voices with a regular free monthly creative writing group.

It will be held on the last Monday of each month, hosted at their shop at Emery Gate starting with an introductory session on Monday (June 27) at 2pm.

The group, called “In the Margins”, is dedicated to amplifying those that have previously been marginalised.

This could include people with severe mental health issues, neurodiverse folks, LGBTQ+ people and those from BIPOC communities as well as anyone else who feels their voice is marginalised.

Georga Coleman, who runs the social media for Kandu Arts, said: “This idea was brought to us by a passionate neurodiverse writer who has suffered with some serious mental health issues such as psychosis and enjoys writing as a way of understanding her condition.

“We’re so excited to support voices which are often marginalised and champion diversity with this creative writing group.

“We hope that the content from this group will eventually be produced as a zine and it’s worth noting that we’ve also set up other groups, such as a poetry group.

“If you have an idea for a group that supports marginalised people and centres around the arts and creativity, get in touch.”

The group is aimed at people who are 18+ and is free to all. It will have a different theme each week.

All they ask is that you bring along your favourite writing materials and best creative ideas. The first session’s theme is HOPE.

The Kandu Arts Shop is located at Unit 3 in Emery Gate Shopping Centre on Emery Lane, Chippenham.

Since 1998, Kandu Arts has worked with communities, often the most marginalised and hardest to reach, up and down the country. 

Its approach uses arts and activities - music, film, visual arts and sport - as a means to explore a wide range of issues when combined with nurturing strong relationships.

The strategy is highly effective in engaging the disaffected, increasing community cohesion and development.

You can find out more about Kandu Arts on its website www.kandu-arts.com or by following on Facebook @Kandu Arts for Sustainable Development or Instagram @kandu.arts