A NEW tapas restaurant is going to be making its debut in Marlborough this Wednesday.  

Tipi Tapa, which will operate in Hilliers Yard, will serve authentic Spanish cuisine, which they believe will be a hit in the vibrant town.  

The business has already been making a name for itself in Wiltshire, operating as a mobile kitchen, at events and street parties, before opening its first restaurant in Cricklade in 2021.  

Nigel and Dave, who co-run the business, are hoping that they will be able to expand their lunch menu at the new venue.   

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: First look inside the brand new restaurant.First look inside the brand new restaurant.

Nigel said: “Business in Cricklade is great, but we’re hoping that we’ll be able to see it come into its own in the day in Marlborough, with the town being such a popular place for people during the day.”  

The pair compliment their food with exclusively imported wines from Spain, which they also believe will prove to be a success in Marlborough.   

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: A glimpse of the outside seating area at Tipi Tapa.A glimpse of the outside seating area at Tipi Tapa.

They work with wine experts in Malaga to build a selection of wines, most of which are exclusive to their business, including some which have not previously been seen in the UK.  

Nigel said: “We feel we’re bringing something else to the town. We call it the real deal.  

“We’ve spent a lot of time in Marlborough, getting a feel for it, and it’s clear to see that there is a diverse range of businesses in Marlborough, so we’re just growing that.”  

It has always been a dream for the business owners to get set up in the town, and they feel that they will fit right in with the community, and become the place to be for Spanish food lovers in the area.   

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Tipi Tapa will be the only Spanish restaurant serving in the town of Marlborough.Tipi Tapa will be the only Spanish restaurant serving in the town of Marlborough.

Nigel explained: “We’ve always wanted to have a proper, purpose-built restaurant in Marlborough as it’s a great place to be for foodies and food-lovers.”  

Business partner Dave added: “We’ve been looking for a place in the town for some time now, so when we found this building back in March we didn’t mess about- we wanted to get set up right away.”  

Having worked both from perspectives in the business, both in their Cricklade restaurant, as well as out and about in their food van- the pair agreed that there was something special about welcoming customers to a permanent venue.   

Nigel also explained: “Working in a restaurant is great because it’s more predictable with how many customers you’re going to get, but you’re also not as dependent on things like weather.”