CHIPPENHAM'S Liberal Democrats have selected their candidate for the next general election. 

Sarah Gibson, who was mayor of Bradford-on-Avon until last month, is also a Wiltshire councillor for Bradford-on-Avon South.

Sarah runs an architectural practice in the town, and grew up in the Corsham area.

Sarah said: “I am deeply grateful that members picked me, and I am eager for the battle ahead to win back the Chippenham Constituency for the Liberal Democrats.”

She added: “These are tough times for local people. Many local families, businesses and farmers are really struggling as the cost of living crisis hits home.

"Our NHS is also under real pressure. I saw that for myself recently when my partner was hospitalised. The hospital staff were brilliant, but there was no hiding the fact that they were under real strain, from difficulties with ambulance response times through to eventual discharge.

"Meanwhile, public confidence in our Prime Minister has collapsed, even if Wiltshire Tory MPs continue to back him, ignoring the views of their voters.”

Sarah went on to say: "I know that local people are sick and tired of being taken for granted by the Tories and this disastrous Government. The Tories seem too busy fighting each other and jockeying to take on the top job, rather than serving our communities in tackling the cost of living crisis, properly funding our NHS and meeting the huge challenge of the climate emergency.

"I am determined to make change happen here by winning the next election."

She added that she believes local people are "crying out for real action", and that "too many of our young people cannot find an affordable, local home".

She said: "Our poorer neighbours are living in fear of turning on their heating. Local businesses and employers are struggling to survive. The climate emergency is real. The peace and democracy we have enjoyed in Europe for generations is once again under real threat.

“Whenever the General Election comes, the choice here is clear. Another of Johnson’s Conservatives, with everything that means for our country, communities, and lives. Or people can vote for action on things that matter to them and elect me as their MP.

"I have every confidence that if we Lib Dems work hard, then local voters will back us. I invite you to join me in making that hope a reality."