A SWORD "fit for King Aethelstan" was presented to the Athelstan Museum in Malmesbury over the weekend. 

An invitation-only ceremony took place in the Wesleyan Room at the Town Hall.

The sword was taken into the main Museum building and placed in a display case.

The sword, "archaeologically accurate for the 10th century", has been commissioned by the Aethelstan, First King of All England Trust  from Hector Cole MBE, who has forged the blade.

The hilt has been cast and decorated by Jeweller Tim Blades.  

The processes involved have been filmed for viewing at the Museum by local award winning film-maker, Rufus Exton.  

The whole project was funded by The Masonic Order of Aethelstan, King Aethelstan Memorial Foundation. 

The Sword will offer the Athelstan Museum an artefact directly associated with the person after whom the museum is named.

A commemorative booklet written by Hector Cole, detailing every aspect of the sword’s creation with photographs, is in production, ready to be on sale in the Museum 

The Trust said: "According to local tradition, the ancestors of The Warden & Freemen of Malmesbury fought at Aethelstan’s side, and are part of Aethelstan’s continuing legacy to the town. The sword is therefore a reminder of their part in history."