I knew my 81-year-old grandma was a fan of Rag'n'Bone Man, mainly through his hit song 'Human' so when I asked if she wanted to go and see him live I thought she'd be up for it. 

But, I also thought she might have some reluctance to go to something like a live gig with 9,000 people in the middle of Westonbirt Arboretum at her age - I had underestimated her though, as she jumped at the chance. 

So on Thursday evening, me, my wife and my grandma Julia set off to the arboretum from Swindon, a 40-minute drive, and on the way, we learnt that she had never been to an outdoor gig before. 

When we arrived we had a walk from the car park, located at Westonbirt Prep School, through the arboretum itself, to the concert area. While the walk was long it was nice to see some of the unusual trees - one looked like dreadlocked hair, grandma said. 

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

Once inside the arena we found a spot to sit in our camping chairs near the back of the crowd anticipating an early exit if needed, but after grandma pointed out how small support act Charlotte Jane looked we quickly moved towards the middle to get a closer view.

While my wife and I wolfed down some fish and chips, with grandma having the odd chip as 'she'd already eaten,' Charlotte Jane and fellow support act Will The People performed their warm-up sets, both gaining themselves a new fan! 

Things got a little concerning after that as it started to rain, even though we were armed with coats, blankets and waterproofs and grandma repeatedly reassured us that she was fine and happy, but thankfully the rain dissipated and the blue skies returned. 

Just in time for Rag'n'Bone Man's main event with the singer immediately jumping into some of his biggest hits from the off.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Photo: Johnny Hathaway / Forestry EnglandPhoto: Johnny Hathaway / Forestry England

Now, I'm 31 and I spent most of my time at university (and my student loan) on music festivals, I've seen hundreds of gigs, some of them absolutely amazing, but this one might be my favourite, if not among them. 

My grandad, who had been with my grandma for over 60 years died last year. For grandma, it was the end of the world as she'd known it for most of her life, and for me, it was a devastating reminder that we don't have unlimited time with the people we love. 

So to be able to spend time with her at something like an outdoor gig is something that I'll remember forever. 

But moving away from sentimentality, there's also something special in going to a live performance with someone who has relatively no experience with them before. 

@justcandacewood @Rag’n’Bone Man #ragnboneman ♬ Human - Rag'n'Bone Man

I think I had begun to take them for granted but for grandma, everything was amazing, she couldn't believe how good all three performances were, she couldn't believe the set-up of the arena and how good it all sounded, she loved all of it and that was infectious

By the time Rag'n'Bone Man had finished with 'Human' and 'Giant' I don't think I'd ever laughed and smiled so much. So now I'm looking at getting us all Glastonbury tickets.