CALNE Town Council wants residents' views on the town's housing needs.

Wiltshire Council is currently undertaking a review of its policy framework which will include information about the level of growth for Calne until 2036 which will be likely to include allocations of land for new market and affordable housing as well as employment allocation.

Because of this, Calne Town Council has launched a homes and housing needs survey as part of a review into the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan.

The CCNP It has been a part of the Wiltshire Local Plan since February 2018, following a successful referendum vote, and as such it is used by Planning Officers when considering planning applications in Calne and Calne Without.

The plan has the opportunity to influence the type, tenure and design of new housing development in Calne and Calne Without.

The review can also influence that plan, and help to ensure that it meets the needs of the community, "while protecting and enhancing" valued aspects of the town.

To complete the survey, or for more information about the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan, click here.