Wiltshire is an abundant county. Buzzing with activities, history, beautiful places and brilliant people.

It is also home to many National Trust treasures like the magical village of Lacock.

Or you can even head further south and you'll find the stunning sights of Salisbury Plain.

But what if you’re looking to visit somewhere that has a bit of a difference?

We took the question to our readers, who were brimming with ideas on things you can see and do all over Wiltshire.

Here are a few of the top choices:

Cherhill Village

Cherhill is quite the hidden gem.

The village lies 4 km east of Calne and its church was built way back in the 12th century.

The area is also home to the iconic Cherhill White Horse which can be seen for miles around and is one of only eight chalk white horses in Wiltshire.

The Cherhill White Horse is the second oldest in Wiltshire and was made under the guidance of Dr Christopher Alsop of Calne in 1780, who gave instructions to a team of workers from a distance, using a megaphone.

Heavens Gate Circular

The Heavens Gate Circular trail was also a popular choice.

This route takes in lovely views as well as some sculptures as you make your way through the woodlands and open fields in Longleat Forest.

An array of wildlife can be spotted on the walk, including deer, red kites, and woodpeckers.

Wyle Village

The village of Wyle was also flagged as being well worth a trip.

Wyle is about 9+1⁄2 miles (15 km) northwest of Salisbury and a similar distance southeast of Warminster.

There is plenty of fishing and walking opportunities, as well as more slow-paced activities, like visiting the parish church St Mary the virgin.


The ancient woodland of Clanger was described as being the perfect place for a stroll.

Walkers have enjoyed the scenery, which they say presents a wide avenue down the middle of the wood, leading from the car park, right through to the far end of the wood, where you will find open fields.

‘The pub, any pub’

It’s clear that Wiltshire loves a pub, (any pub to be specific), and there seems to be a firm favourite in pretty much every part of Wiltshire.

So if you're looking to stay close to home, maybe paying a visit to the local breweries right on your doorstep is the way forward.

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