Devizes Fire Station is looking to recruit new firefighters who may have more spare time due to working from home.

The fire station is aiming to recruit on-call firefighters. On-call firefighters are paid professionals, who do the same work as their wholetime colleagues. Unlike wholetime firefighters, they are not based at the fire station but have other jobs and commitments, responding to emergencies only when their alerter goes off.

A Wiltshire Fire Service spokesman said: “If you're working at home more, have you considered becoming an on-call firefighter? We are always looking for new recruits to offer cover - in return, you'll get an additional income and the opportunity to serve your community.”

He added: “Firefighting can be dangerous, and we have to ensure that our employees are fit enough in every way for the challenging conditions and environments which they may encounter as part of their operational duties.

“We want our recruits to succeed and become competent firefighters. Our recruitment and selection process has to be robust so we can select those people most likely to pass all their training modules and achieve the required level of competence.

“Around two thirds of the firefighters in Wiltshire work on an on-call basis, making them hugely important to both the Service and the communities that they serve.”