The 30-acre Woodland Gardens at Bowood House, between Chippenham and Calne, has opened for its annual six-week season.

As it re-opens, a one-acre plot within the wider garden will reveal a special new area of planting that is particularly close to the heart of Bowood owner Lord Lansdowne.

A spokesman said: “Two years in the making, this project has involved some heavy-duty work cutting back old plants and clearing the ground to expand it for replanting. Located near what is known as 'Lady Lansdowne’s Ride' - one of a number of pathways that total two-miles in all - the extensive planting he has undertaken pays tribute to close family members in a new grouping of rhododendrons.

“Among his latest plantings, all developed from seed and registered with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia Group by Lord Lansdowne, three new ones are of particular note: ‘Barbara Lansdowne’, ‘Fiona Lansdowne’ and the 'Marquis of Lansdowne’”.

Lord Lansdowne said:” Fiona Lansdowne and Barbara Lansdowne are named after my wife and late-mother, respectively and they pay tribute to two wonderful women who have each placed their individual marks upon Bowood with great flair and style.

"The plants named after them both flower in shades of pink; Barbara Lansdowne being a lower, smaller plant with prolific flowers while Fiona Lansdowne blossoms wonderfully with a large truss and is notable for its height… acknowledging my tall wife.”