A new 10,000 tree permanent woodland, which was recently planted at Stanley Lane near Chippenham, will be called Pudding Brook Wood, from the historic name for the stream that runs along its edge.

The project is the initiative of Avon Needs Trees [ANT].

Its director Dave Wood said: “After all the hard work to purchase and plant the site, we wanted to give the new woodland a name that linked to its history.

"We discovered from studying old maps that the stream was called Pudding Brook from the mid-1800s. As we plant trees to help alleviate flooding it seems fitting to name our new woodland after the local stream.”

The charity purchased the site at Stanley Lane in December 2021, and announced tree planting days shortly after, when members of the local and surrounding communities were invited to help create the new permanent woodland.

An ANT spokesman said: “The project was met with much enthusiasm, as over the course of 40 days they had over 500 volunteers help plant 10,000 trees.”

Avon Needs Trees was set up in 2019 in response to the climate and biodiversity crises, with a mission to purchase land to permanently reforest and rewild in the Bristol-Avon river catchment area.

Its aims are to lock-up carbon and improve local biodiversity, as well as provide natural flood management, and publicly accessible green space.

Pudding Brook Wood is ANT’s second site, after it purchased Hazeland, near Calne, in August 2020, where it planted 10,000 native broadleaf trees and shrubs across two pastures, allowing space for species-rich grassland to flourish.

It also planted 50 orchard trees for added community benefit and undertook conservation of the existing 10 acres of ancient woodland.

The spokesman said: “ANT is currently looking for its next site and would like to hear from landowners who would like to partner with ANT to create a new permanent woodland.

"We are also running volunteer days for tree planting and other conservation tasks at the Hazeland site."

For more information on how you can get involved, go to avonneedstrees.org.uk