Design chief Jamie Lawton has left working on Hollywood blockbuster films including Spider-Man to join a creative agency in Chippenham.

Jamie, 34, has joined the Milk & Tweed agency as its new head of design after spending almost ten years in the film industry overseeing teams of designers in London and California working on Bond films, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and the Lego Movie.

He said his new role will see him focusing on quality control as the company, which has seen business grow by 70 per cent in the last year, continues to attract new clients and larger contracts from all over the UK.

“The really exciting thing is that although we are still a relatively small team at the moment, our reputation is growing and the quality of work we are bringing is increasing,” said Jamie.

He added: “I’ve known Jake Jeffries, the creative director here, since we were at university together and he sold the role to me through the quality and creativity of the work the design team is delivering.

“My previous role was very niche and it was an interesting industry but I trained as a graphic designer and it is great to be in an ideas-based role again.”