The story of living with Covid, told in tapestry, is now being exhibited at Chippenham Museum.

Wiltshire embroiderers joined with those from all over the world to create the 35-metre “stitch in time”.

The Covid Chronicle project was started by London artist Wendy Bliss and has resulted in 142 tapestries in the exhibition, each of which presents a personal take on the pandemic.

“I just tapped into something and people just got it, people from all around the globe; we have tapestries from Australia, Iran, India, Japan, the US and from all across Europe and some made locally in Wiltshire,” said Wendy.

“Individually and all together they tell great stories of this unusual time. I have been amazed at the response, the quality of the work is extraordinary.”

One of the local works in the Covid Chronicle exhibition is A World In Knots, created by Warminster artist Lesley Fudge.

She said: “I was delighted to be invited to make a title page for this amazing global collection of work, showing the different individual reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic in stitch.

“The inspiration for my piece was the increase in vaccinations happening in the UK. The syringes injecting and killing the virus around the world was my hope, but sadly developing nations have not been cared for in the same way as the wealthier world, so the virus continued to spread with rapidity and potentially for much longer. Embroidery and stitching have saved my sanity since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Another local work on display is Meetings In A Bag, by Elma Lawer from the WI of Kington Langley, near Chippenham.

She said: “As the first members of the WI rallied together to support the village in the 1940s, so the members have supported each other through the past eighteen months of the Pandemic.

“Meeting together on Zoom, we were still able to hold our WI meetings and together we were able to collaborate on this Covid Chronicles Project. We dropped off resources at each other’s homes and carefully passed on the completed sections on doorsteps.

“It is an embroidered account of how we spent our time since the start of Lockdown. Walking our dogs, finding new footpaths, learning how to grow different plants and vegetables and holding our book club virtually all helped to keep us going.

The exhibition is on display at Chippenham Museum until May 7.