A mother from Calne says she and her son have been suffering in a ‘housing nightmare’ for 14 months.

Kate Hargreaves believes that the cavity insulation installed by Sovereign Housing has caused both of them severe health issues, and she now says she fears whether she will wake up the next day.

She said: “I’ve had to say to my son, if for whatever reason you can't wake mummy up, you’ve got to knock on the neighbour’s door.

“On February 21 in 2020, I reported the issue to my landlord as I am worried that the insulation they installed has caused an allergic response including asthma, normally a secondary issue I have due to a virus, to be a permanent issue, along with tiredness and other things."

But Sovereign says that "numerous" building surveys and inspections carried out by specialist external contractors have found nothing "untoward" in her home. 

Ms Hargreaves has been offered the chance to swap houses, but she maintains she is worried that the issue would not be resolved for the next person.

She said: “I cannot swap with someone knowing they will just get ill.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Ms Hargreaves said her health has deteriorated over the last year.Ms Hargreaves said her health has deteriorated over the last year.

Ms Hargreaves says the things have now declined to the point where she is sleeping downstairs on an airbed and is on medication to keep her airways open at night.

She also keeps her windows open at night with the heating on as advised by her GP.

”I have blood tests showing ridiculously high allergic response and a letter from my GP stating I need to be moved.

“We also know for a fact my health returned to normal when I stayed elsewhere after paramedic advice, and now my son is also suffering from tiredness and breathing issues, and he has ADHD and prescription tablets. Falling asleep and feeling tired is not a normal thing for him.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The cavity wall insulation in question.The cavity wall insulation in question.

Her son's school have also seen the effects, with his mum adding that they have noticed a change in his energy levels.

Matthew Messenger, head of property operations - west at Sovereign, said: “We’re sorry to hear Miss Hargreaves is experiencing an allergic reaction since having her cavity walls insulated.

“While we’re unaware of any known allergies as a result of installing cavity wall insulation we’ve had numerous building surveys and inspections carried out by specialist external contractors, including taking air samples.

"No mould was found to be present, nor anything untoward with her home - in fact, the home is in very good repair.

“We’d ask Miss Hargreaves to get in touch if she’d still like to pursue a house move.”