Hope and Homes for Children is staging a gentle stroll around the beautiful Pewsey Vale to help orphans in war-ravaged Ukraine.

The charity says the Russian invasion represents "a child protection emergency across Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, countries in which Hope and Homes has worked for years."

It is using its resources and experience in Romania and Moldova to provide provide practical life-saving support in the face of an influx of refugees.

"The vulnerability of the 100,000 children who remain warehoused in Ukraine’s orphanage system increases by the day. Large numbers are being abandoned to face the dangers of war alone."

To join the walk on April 9 in return for a £5 donation, meet at the Pewsey Co-op car park, postcode SN9 5AF, at 9.45am.

For more details, email alison@netherclift.com hopeandhomes.org.