Calne-based tech boss Kyle Holmes is to teach children and teenagers to build their own computers as part of a scheme to help them to stay safe online.

The lifelong gamer and founder of Black Nova tech innovation company will launch free tutorial events for young people aged between eight and 15, starting on April 9.

Children will be invited to the Black Nova offices where Kyle will host tutorials of how to build their own PC which they can then use to game online. He will also offer parents and children advice on how to game safely.

Kyle said: “Like many parents, I have witnessed the negative effects that lockdown had on children, recent research from Young Minds found that anxiety among children increased by over 80 per cent during the pandemic,” he said.

“But I noticed that gaming helped my child. Being able to talk to her friends online kept her feeling like she wasn’t excluded from her peers.”

He added: “I realised I could utilise my skills to help other children experience the same benefits. Online gaming is not without its critics, but there are measures that all parents can take to keep children safe.

“I want to show that not only are building your own PC and online gaming good for your mental health, but they also offer skills that will be invaluable for their future careers.”

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