For one Wanborough woman 'The Chase Was On' as she starred in one of the nation's most beloved quiz shows alongside Bradley Walsh. 

Joanna Tweedale, a big fan of the television presenter, went on the ITV show to tick something off of her bucket list.

"I'd been on The Weakest Link some years ago, but didn't do very well," she said. 

"Let's just say I was the Weakest Link, goodbye."

"But The Chase is a great show, I love Bradley and I had a big birthday so I just thought 'why not?"

She said on Tuesday's episode that she wanted to go geocaching in the Carribbean with potential winnings.

But she told The Adver that despite being a fan, the real reason was that she wanted to watch England play cricket there. 

"I do enjoy geocaching, but It takes me to different places, it gets you out in the fresh air, and after a walk, you can always justify a scrummy bit of cake," she said.

"But actually I wanted to go watch English cricket and be part of the barmy cricket. I'm a big cricket fan so I was hoping to go there for that, but I was told to say geocaching."

Joanna, a 51 year-old recruitment manager at Nationwide, applied to go on the show 18 months ago, and after a telephone interview, and a six-month wait for a teams interview she finally found herself stood next to Bradley and in front of The Chaser September last year. 

"I went on a train in the morning. Michelle, my hairdresser in the village did my hair at the crack of dawn, she’s a fan of the show as well, then I got on a train.

"When I got there we were in separate green rooms because they're still taking Covid precautions.

"We watch videos of things to do and things not to do, how to say your name properly, that kind of thing and then we're on the show."

But did Joanna fare better on The Chase than her previous stint on The Weakest Link? In short, no. 

Looking to add £6,000 to her team's total after a good quickfire round, Joanna, crashed out in the first round while three away from home after wrongly answering what a valedictory is. 

The show's host, Mr. Walsh, said of her "You are going to be sorely missed in the final because you are a good player."

But, while money for the Carribbean may have been off the cards, Joanna didn't leave empty-handed as Bradley Walsh signed a CD for her.