A father-and-son duo from Marlborough is taking on the world’s highest single free-standing mountain in a bid to raise money for charity following the passing of their beloved wife and mother.

Wendy Ann Jones who was married to Robert and the mother of their son Harrison tragically lost her life after a very short battle with pancreatic cancer - living for only 25 weeks after her diagnosis.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

Wendy passed away aged 55 on November 24 last year.

Her husband Robert said: “The journey thereafter her diagnosis was certainly a roller coaster of emotions and dead ends, however, she fought and remained courageous to the end.

“Harrison and I both managed to spend time with Wendy up to and including her passing. She had accepted the card she had been dealt in life and now rests in peace with the angels; a star that shines ever brighter.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

Now determined to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action and help others with the disease, Robert and Harrison will be climbing up the Machame route of Mount Kilimanjaro over the course of seven days which provides additional acclimatisation and shortens some of the daily hikes.

They are set to take in some breath-taking views on their trek up the mountain and are more prepared than ever after their trip had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

Robert said: “I’m sure Wendy would be proud that we are raising the money for charity. We know it can’t benefit Wendy specifically, but I hope it’s a benefit for others in the future.

“The most underfunded cancer diagnosis and follow-up is pancreatic cancer. Everyone knows of ones like breast or bowel cancer, but with this one, the symptoms are so different.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

“They’re so different in different individuals, and unfortunately when they’re detected, it’s often too late.”

Initially, when Wendy became unwell with cold-like symptoms, she believed it to be a virus that never went away until she experienced more signs that something was not right.

Her legs swelled up, and one of the times she got her symptoms checked, doctors thought it could be caused by the pollution because she worked in London, and was commuting by walking around built-up, congested areas every day.

But when Wendy had a CT scan, she was then called in very quickly to find out she had pancreatic cancer.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

Robert added: “When someone becomes so ill, it’s all about offering them the right support.

“Wendy was a very open, intelligent woman. And she was, unfortunately, the one diagnosed, not me. All I could do was offer support which I was able to do and get her from A to B as needed. Apart from her initial scan when we didn’t think there was anything to worry about, she was never on her own.”

You can find Robert and Harrison's fundraiser via their gofundme page here.