A CARPENTER from Calne has created a community lending library for the Kennet Valley Primary School in Lockeridge, charming the staff and pupils with his original twist on the usual phone-box book stores.

The unique new library has been installed near to the school gates in the playground so that the whole school community, including children, parents, staff, governors and villagers can all use it.

Mrs Emma Russell, the headteacher, said: “This lovely little library was designed and made by Liam Makepeace, who lives in Calne. He saw an appeal that we had made on Facebook and put this together for us, donating it to the school for free.

“We are so grateful for his kindness and generosity, and as well as making this, Mr Makepeace also delivered and installed it for the school, while his daughters’ collected books and toys to include in it.”

The school’s reading leader, Mrs Byford, commented: “We are really pleased to have this in our school for people to use.

“We are passionate about reading at the school, not just about our children learning to read, but about helping children to develop a love of reading.

“We hope that our parents and children will love using it and that village residents will also pop in to borrow or leave a book.

“Thank you to Mr Makepeace for all his arduous work to give us this great gift.

“The idea of the lending library is that people can come to choose a new book to read but can also leave a book that they have read, so that others can read it too in a way the books left will all be recommended by others because they will have been read first.”

The school has asked that those who would like to borrow or leave a book in the library, to do so outside of school hours or when the children are not in the playground.