THE Royal United Hospitals in Bath has stood down its “internal critical incident” which was declared late last year.

Cara Charles-Barks, chief executive of the RUH trust, said on Twitter that the hospital was more stable in respect to inpatients, staff sickness and bed availability.

However, she said that challenges still lie ahead.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: RUH chief executive, Cara Charles-BarksRUH chief executive, Cara Charles-Barks

“Thanks to the sheer hard work and dedication of our team at the RUH and the support and commitment of our colleagues in the wider NHS, I am pleased to tell you that we’ve stood down out internal critical incident,” she posted.

“We are now in a more stable place in terms of inpatients, staff sickness and the availability of beds.

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“However, our position is still challenging and I ask you to still please consider your healthcare options before you come to the RUH.

She continued: “Our focus continues to be making sure there is enough space in the hospital and community for those who need us and getting patients home safely once they are well enough to be discharged.

“If your loved ones are in the RUH and able to get home please help us make that happen.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us through these difficult couple of weeks, particularly our staff who have shown such courage and compassion. I’m so proud of them all.”

The RUH declared an internal critical incident on December 31.

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This, Ms Charles-Barks said, was due to ongoing challenges with increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients, availability of beds and the impact of staff sickness and isolation.