A record-holding fitness expert from Devizes has invented a world-first exercise regime ideally suit to both those who want to lose the Christmas pounds and those training for Iron Man competitions – and he’s done it by going back to the games of the school playground.

Darren King’s Skipfusion programme brings together the professional expertise he developed when he smashed a Guinness world record, and children’s schooldays favourite of skipping.

But with Darren’s sure-fire way to get fit or fitter you don’t even need a skipping rope.

Darren, who broke the world skipping record in 2019 by recording 88,202 skips in 12 hours, has spent two years finely perfecting Skipfusion so that it can be used by athletes, slimmers and anyone from eight to 80.

As individuals, clubs and societies sign-up for the new Wiltshire-born fitness programme, Darren and his wife Michele took time out to explain how it works:

1. Who is Skip Fusion aimed at?

Skipfusion is aimed at everybody. We have tailored each class to include low/high impact options as well as with/without the rope. We have also built classes around one-minute tutorials and over 250 classes of 10, 15, 20, 30 & 40+ minutes. Classes can be easily incorporated around everyone’s daily schedules from the comfort of your own home. Minimal equipment, minimal space but maximum calorie burn.

2. How will it help both the athlete and the person who wants to lose Xmas weight?

By committing to Skipfusion alongside a healthy diet, weight loss is definitely achievable. The key is attitude and consistency.Whether you are a beginner or you are a exercise enthusiast, Skipfusion has something to offer to both groups. Skipfusion for the beginner is designed to be safe and progressive, but the high impact options are very challenging and designed to push you past your existing fitness levels.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Skipfusion can be done with or without the ropeSkipfusion can be done with or without the rope

3. How easy is it?

Skipfusion can be as easy as you want to make it. The jump rope is optional and our instructions are clear and concise. We have one-minute tutorials available for everyone to learn each jump rope skill and exercise component. Low impact options will help anyone new to exercise to build up fitness levels and technique as they progress through their Skipfusion journey.

4. How does it compare, in terms of burning calories and fitness, to other activities such as jogging, swimming and aerobics?

Skipfusion burns many calories compared with other forms of exercise. Skipfusion fuses jump rope skills alongside multiple exercise systems of Aero/Box/HIIT and Step. The fusion creates a heart racing workout, challenging both body and mind. Due to the diversity, Skipfusion offers it is never a dull workout. As well as learning 40+ jump rope skills, your workout is the most varied one you will ever take part in. Add it to your exercise programme to improve your fitness and join an exciting new exercise system.

5. What equipment do you need?

None. This is one of the key features of Skipfusion. All workouts can be done with/without equipment using minimal space of one-metre squared. If you wish to incorporate a jump rope, step, boxing bag or dumbbells then this will just enhance your workout. We make use of things people already have available to them, whether it be in the home or outside, the bottom step of a staircase or kerb, we show that you can have the best workout of your life using resources you already have around you. No expensive gym equipment or high monthly fees required.

6. How long has it taken to put this programme together?

Around two years from start to finish. It has been hard work and a massive commitment but we feel proud of what we have created and hope to inspire people to be healthy and both mentally and physically fit.

7. What is new and different about this training programme?

We are experienced personal trainers who have vast knowledge of exercise and fitness. We have seen in social media many people using the jump rope for ‘tricks’. What Skipfusion does is to use the jump rope (or without) in a way that it is used as a fitness tool. Skipping alone is great for fitness, but when fused with Aero/Box/HIIT and Step disciplines it takes it to another level. It is exciting, fun and challenging. We have done our research and not found anything that comes close to what Skipfusion offers. Skipfusion is the future.

8. Do you have to be fit to do it?

No. As mentioned, Skipfusion has been designed for everyone in mind. From beginners to experienced exercise enthusiasts who are looking for a challenge and new way of training.

9. What training/coaching/advice does one get from you if one signs up?

Once signed up via www.skipfusion.com, you will have access to over 250 classes. The classes range from 1 minute coaching tutorials to 10, 15, 20, 30 & 40+ classes. We advise people to start small and advance gradually. Skipfusion is a marathon not a sprint. We encourage member engagement by building an active community where people can ask questions directly to us.Throughout our classes we aim to encourage, engage and make workouts fun and inviting for all.

10. How have you found Skip Fusion has benefitted you?

Michele – I’m mad about fitness and a healthy lifestyle and I love the feeling I get from including fitness into my everyday life. I am a keen runner, but I have cut back on mileage to incorporate Skipfusion into my weekly workouts, my running has improved massively! I love the challenge I get from Skipfusion, and the sweat after a hardcore workout.

Darren - Skipping is an intergral part of my training, having turned to it as a result of a knee injury four years ago, two skipping endurance world records later, and the idea of Skipfusion was born.

11. Can it be done by someone of 8 and someone of 80?

Our eight-year-old daughter has enjoyed learning some of the easier jump rope skills and is getting very good now. We encourage people to exercise with a spouse, partner, friend and the rest of the family. Skipfusion offers options for everyone wanting to join in. We have examples of older people using Skipfusion on our platform and social media. As long as you are medically cleared to participate in exercise, then yes a fit 80 years old ca be a member of the Skipfusion community! We also have a sub brand called Training at Home With The Kings, which is tailored to the over 50’s plus and for individuals with health and injury limitations.

12. Child obesity is a growing problem, how can Skipfusion help children?

Our daughter enjoys the skipping element and the boxing style. She regularly takes part in a session with her dad at the weekend! The benefit of working out at home means that the rest of the family can join in. Kids benefit from seeing a parent/guardian taking an active role in fitness and exercise. We plan to take Skipfusion into schools and teaching children the importance of health and fitness with the enjoyment of learning new skills with and without the jump rope.

13. Is it fun? Why?

Definitely. The variety that is offered in the classes means that it isn’t a chore to exercise. Time flies by, because you are not only distracted by the challenge of learning the jump rope but also the variety of exercises it is fused with. Sometimes you don’t even realise you are exercising. This is what makes Skipfusion different to other exercise systems.

14. Can I do it without a skipping rope?

Yes. We offer with/without rope options. If you aren’t used to skipping or you are a beginner to exercise, then you can start by doing all the jump rope skills without the rope. The jump rope will enhance your workout, but it is not essential. And if you join Skipfusion in January to receive three months at half price £4.99. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube by searching Skipfusion.