A WILTSHIRE walker has urged people to take home their litter after finding flytipped rubbish left near Everleigh on Salisbury Plain.

Alan Mason, from Pewsey, said: "Throughout the Covid pandemic access to Salisbury Plain with its wildlife, amazing panoramic views and mile after mile of tracks and by-ways to enjoy has given many, many people the freedom to exercise and social distance freely and safely.

"I suspect that this wonderful facility in the heart of the county has been a lifeline to hundreds of people whose health and mental well being would otherwise have suffered immeasurably.

"How sad then to find that there are some who have no appreciation of this freely available space for anything other than flytipping.

"Some selfish and lazy individuals it seems have no shame in spoiling our countryside.

"It would be wonderful if even one person were to be dissuaded from spoiling this hugely beneficial area in our midst," he said.