The situation is not getting any better for the Instagram-famous couple who have just been dropped from their agency after coming under fire for racist tweets.

Over the last week, Influencer Elle Darby and her fiancé, who are from Westbury, have been facing a huge online backlash.

Dozens of tweets were discovered on their social media platforms which targeted people from minorities, and they are now facing the repercussions in the real-world.

On posts from 2010, the couple were found to have used offensive racist language, with many tweets insulting Polish and Indian people, as well as repeatedly mocking people who were overweight.

The Daily Mail has now reported that, despite issuing apologies, the couple have been dropped from their agency, Gleam Futures.

A spokesperson has told FEMAIL: "At Gleam Futures, our mission is to be a driving force for a culturally progressive and diverse industry, offering leading-edge representation for talent that align with our values.

"In light of recent events, we have therefore made the decision to no longer represent Elle Darby and Connor Swift."

Since the allegations of racism, homophobia and fatphobia have been made following the unearthing of their posts, Elle Darby has lost thousands of followers on her social media.

The influencer who previously had 780,000 followers has lost nearly 100,000 of her fans on Instagram.

She said in a public apology video posted to YouTube: “There are no words to tell you how sorry I am. The tweets I made in 2011 were so disgusting and so far from the person I am today.

"The pain I know I have caused to so many of you eats me up. To know that I was someone you considered a great friend, this image of me is now tainted by someone who I don't even recognise myself to have ever been."

Elle’s fiancé Connor Swift who is also in the public eye as a self-proclaimed ‘part-time Youtuber’ with a social media following of 170,000 on Instagram has also apologised for his actions.

He stated: “This is the biggest lesson I could ever learn and I want to be held accountable for what I said and hold my hands up and apologise.

“I will not justify my actions and accept full responsibility for this whilst also knowing I will continue to learn, and continue to grow.”