Wiltshire Police has issued an appeal for information from anyone who witnessed the brawl at Lacock on Monday when anti-hunt protesters clashed with hunt supporters.

Fights broke out as a number of more than four dozen protesters fought with some of around 100 supporters who had gathered outside The Red Lion to welcome the meet of the Avon Vale hunt.

A local photographer who recorded the event said: “It was very nasty and very heated. There must have been around 50 protestors and twice that number of hunt supporters and it all turned sour.

“The protestors were waving placards, chanting at those on horseback and then it all kicked off with people throwing punches and hunt supporters pushing the protesters back. It all became very ugly indeed and the police had to intervene and bring calm to what became a nasty scene.”

Police officers attended to manage the two opposing groups but no arrests were made at the scene.

But police said today that their investigation of the alleged assaults and public order offences was continuing and they want to hear from anyone who witnessed the events.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “Our enquiries into this incident are continuing. We have since received a number of calls from members of the public with information in relation to the incident and we would urge anyone who can help to call 101 and quote log number 96 of December 27.”