KFC’s long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated opening in Chippenham was less than smooth for the global fried-chicken giant – with locals damning it as “a total nightmare”.

The company’s reputation to deliver “fast” food took a kicking on Facebook as KFC fans are livid about three-hour queues, poor staff training, food allegedly dropped on the floor and that the takeaway closed the kitchen the day after it opened.

KFC Chippenham was due to open in March, but the opening was delayed to May, when a spokesman said it would be “very soon”, which turned out to be a not-very-soon opening of last Friday.

Although the restaurant planned to have car parking for 50 vehicles, that appears to have been insufficient for the demand, as before 9pm on KFC’s opening day, Facebook followers of The Real Shout Out Calne group were told: “Just a heads-up before you waste your time. KFC in Chippenham is closed because there’s too many cars, they've shut the kitchen.”

The post sparked a litany of complaints from fans of finger-licking.

Kevin R Thorne’s post epitomised the anger of those keen to get their supper in a bucket. He wrote: “We waited nearly 3 hours from queuing to getting our food. You could not get out of the queue if you wanted as it's a one-way system.

“We were told to park up and go in it would be quicker. So we went in and ordered, the poor staff did not have a clue. Training seemed so poor and there were no trained staff from another store.

“I watched as they tried to do their best asking customers to swap items as they were waiting for their original item to cook. I waited over an hour after ordering my food and finally, yes, I got my order but not until the poor staff member put all my order in a paper bag for it to break as soon as she picked it up.

“My order was all over the floor, she quickly picked it up and said to me if I still wanted it as it had not touched the floor but I watched it lol.

“But I had waited ages I wanted out as soon as possible so I took the food. As I checked it half of the order was missing. So that went straight in the bin. A total nightmare trip. No apology or anything.”

Another, Sue Clark, added: “Went in yesterday - absolute chaos inside. Machines for ordering food not working, drive-through ordering not working and lots of staff just not knowing what to do.”

Others have complained of confusion of not knowing whether the restaurant is open or closed, with many claiming it is closed; that the car park has been coned off and reports that it is experiencing “power issues”.

Emma Checchia, who is a team leader at KFC Chippenham, posted that it will be open “everyday from 11 till 8 until we have more staff.”

A KFC spokesperson was not available to comment.