A planning inspector has reversed a Wiltshire Council decision to refuse permission to build 200 houses in Lyneham.

Developer, Gladman Developments was originally refused outline permission to build up to 200 houses on land at Green Farm, Chippenham Road in Lyneham.

The plans also include 2,600m2 and 600m2 of business and community space.

Four principal reasons were given by Wiltshire Council in knocking the plans back; one such reason being the siting of plans outside of the boundary of the village and the scale of the development significantly changing the rural character of the area.

“The lack of significant local facilities, poor existing local footpath links to serve the level of development proposed, and the distance to the secondary schools would lead to significant out commuting and journeys by private motor car to the detriment of the aims of the NPPF and the Core Strategy which seek to reduce growth in the number of motorised car journeys,” it continued.

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“The proposed development does not make any provisions for securing affordable housing on the site; financial contributions towards education provision, air quality enhancement, waste collection facilities and public art; and the on-going provision and maintenance of open space.”

However, inspector Philip Major overturned this decision at the appeal stage with conditions to the development such as the need for 40 per cent affordable housing.

He wrote: I am also aware that local residents are concerned by the prospect of increased traffic.

“However the highway authority has not indicated that the network cannot absorb extra traffic from this proposal, hence this is a matter which does not weigh against the proposal.

“In relation to the provision of healthcare and other services I do not have sufficient information for me to conclude that the proposed development would materially impact on provision such that it could be deemed to be a determinative issue in this appeal.

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“The matter of whether or not the proposed employment and community facilities would in fact be provided has been raised.”