If you are keen to experience the magic of theatre but are put off by the wintry weather we have been seeing, then digital performances may be the way forward for you.

Wiltshire Creative has just announced that they will be running digital on demand performances of Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon.

It will soon be available to stream digitally from December 17 until 23, potentially making staying in the new night out for some people in the lead up to Christmas.

The performance was filmed at Salisbury Playhouse in front of a live audience and was directed by Gareth Machin.

Streamed theatre performances became more popular in lockdown when many venues wanted not only to continue running but to stretch to a wider audience.

Theatres have been working around restrictions continuously, but are still embracing the new opportunities which the last couple of years has brought them.

The story puts a modern twist on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Centred in a 1950s fairy-tale wonderland, Snow is seen working hard in her Aunt Trish’s Beauty Salon as a young apprentice.

She carries out jobs like curling the tails of three little pigs, sharpens the teeth of the Big Bad Wolf, and setting Prince Charming’s quiff to perfection. But one day she end up stumbling across Aunt Trish’s magic mirror, turning her life upside down.

The story is then centred around how she will survive as she heads underground and attempts to carve her own path, all in the way of trying to live happily ever after.

Featured in the performance is Consuela Rolle as Snow, Rebecca Cooper as the Queen, Greg Barnett as King, Martha Pothen playing Trish, and Jake Mitchell as Federico. All the actors also multi-roll along with their main roles.

The music featured in the play is by Tayo Akinbode, lyrics by Mike Akers, and additional songs by Christopher Peake.