The first snow of the season has been forecast for Wiltshire and snowflakes could come as early as this weekend.

As the nights draw in and we brace the wintery weather with hats and scarves, there is only one question on everyone's minds - when will it snow?

According to, we may even see some flakes as early as Friday night.

Whether you're dreading the slippery roads or you can't wait to build your snowman, here's the winter weather you can expect whatever you have planned this weekend.


Devizes and especially the hills around it may see snow showers on Saturday when temperatures will plunge to -1C.


The forecasters are giving a chance of snow on Saturday, when temperatures fall to -1C. It will be even colder on Sunday, -2C, but also mainly sunny.


No snow forecasted yet by, just a weekend of rain showers, cloud and the chance of a spot of sun on Sunday.


Trowbridge might see a few snowflakes on Friday night with the weather expected to be windy with chances of snowy and rainy showers. The wind will continue into Saturday with gusts expected to reach over 40mph.


Friday night will be windy and we can expect a mix of rain and snowy showers. Temperatures are expected to drop to a low of 1C and there's a 50 per cent chance of rain.