The phrase 'I’m going down the pub' may soon come to be seen in a good light as charity is about to begin at the bar.

This winter Wiltshire ale fans will be able to drink up to help the old and vulnerable with a new season pint from Wadworth that comes laced with a taste of the Caribbean.

The Devizes brewery is launching a charity beer in its pubs next month – Coconut Shire. It’s a strong porter which the brewer recommends as the perfect pint to accompany that 70s classic dessert, black forest gateau.

And every pint of “Ale Aid” will go to help the needy as 5p on the price at the pumps will be donated to the Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter Campaign.

The beer, which has an abv of 5.1 per cent, is described by Wadworth as having 'dark fruit flavours combined with the mellow aroma of coconuts'.

The Surviving Winter campaign supports elderly and vulnerable people to keep warm and safe during the winter months.

There is a need for ale lovers to do their bit because it is estimated that 30,000 households in Wiltshire live in fuel poverty, meaning they cannot afford to heat their home properly through the coldest months.

NHS statistics show that that up to 400 people in Wiltshire die each year due to the cold in their homes. Most of the people who suffer winter-related premature death are aged over 65 and 75 per cent of these deaths are due to the impact that the cold has on respiratory and circulatory conditions.