Love them or hate them, Wetherspoons has become a fixture on the British high street and Wiltshire is no exception.

There are seven budget boozers for pubgoers to choose from across the county.

Whether you're looking for a fun night out on a budget or you're on the hunt for some musical or sporting entertainment, we've got you covered.

Despite a standard menu across its sites, we all have a favourite and maybe even an experience we'd rather forget.

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We have put together a list ranking the best and worst 'Spoons on your doorstep, according to reviews on Tripadvisor.

When a boozer received the same TripAdvisor ranking, we have compared the number of excellent reviews to make the list.

The best to worst Wetherspoons in Wiltshire

The Bear

Where: 3 Bath Road, Melksham SN12 6LL England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.5 (284 reviews)

Hundreds of 'Spoons customers have taken to the reviewing website to record their experiences.

With an impressive 29% of its TripAdvisor reviews marked as 'Excellent', The Bear has been dubbed Wiltshire's favourite Wetherspoons.

Naming it 'the best 'Spoons in town', TripAdvisor user Spike7153 wrote: "Often come for breakfast.

"It's clean and hospitable and food is done well and served nicely. What's not to like?"

The Bath Arms, Warminster

Where: 41 Market Place, Warminster BA12 9AZ England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.5 (358 reviews)

The Bath Arms has recorded 91 'Excellent' reviews on TripAdvisor which makes up around a quarter of its total reviews.

Reviewing his visit in September, customer Derek H shared his thoughts on the reviewing site: "We went to this pub on a Saturday night for a meal and really enjoyed it. "The venue is secure, clean and friendly.

"The food was hot, tasty and arrived quickly.

"Part of the Wetherspoon chain and well worth a visit. We'll go back again."

See the full list or reviews on the TripAdvisor website.

The Bell

Where: 13-15 Salisbury Street, Amesbury SP4 7AW England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.5 (488 reviews)

With a 3.5 ranking with 25% of its reviews being marked as excellent, The Bell is among Wetherspoon's best in the county.

One customer, with the username, hellieh wrote: "Monday evening arrived for drinks and food.

"Service very good and the young lads who served us very efficient and polite.

"Food was good served piping hot and tasty.

"If in the area again would visit."

See the full list of reviews via the TripAdvisor website.

The Dockle Farmhouse, Swindon

Where: 2 Bridge End Road, Swindon England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.0 (407 reviews)

With a total of 81 'Excellent' and 92 'Terrible' reviews, the Dockle Farmhouse definitely promises customers a mixed bag. 

TripAdvisor user HannahMichelle1984 reviewed her experience, saying: "Popped in here for dinner after a long drive from Kent.

"Food was brought out quickly, well cooked and hot.

"Friendly staff and good service."

But another customer disagreed and shared their thoughts in TripAdvisor, writing: "Parking has been outsourced to Euro Car Parks who use ANPR cameras.

"Just got a fine for £45 / £75 for going 21 minutes over the time limit. Cheap pub with high priced parking, avoid.

"Who pays for parking in a pub !!!!"

The Bridge House

Where: Borough Parade, Chippenham SN15 3WL England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.0 (269 reviews)

Spoons' customers have ranked The Bridge House among the worst of the chain's pubs in Wiltshire. 

In June, puertollano99 reviewed their experience: "Had decent steak, had ordered quinoa salad but served a mixed one.

"When asked, shift manager explained none left but offered a drink on the house so had a v decent blood orange g and t.

"V good, friendly and efficient service.

"Nice to sit by the river. Just needs a bit of a spruce up out there, maybe get rid of wood chippings and get new tables as bird droppings are an issue.

See the full list of reviews via the TripAdvisor website.

The King’s Head Inn, Salisbury

Where: 1 Bridge Street, Salisbury SP1 2ND England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.0 ( 563 reviews)

The King's Head Inn has been deemed among the worst Weatherspoons in Wiltshire with 74 'Poor' and 100 'Terrible' reviews.

TripAdvisor user, allthebutl, reviewed his visit: "Surely in the current climate and following such a disruptive period, venues would try their hardest to encourage guests and to set a standard.

"I expect The Kings Head Inn to be cheap & cheerful but not filthy!! The dirty tables were covered in empty glasses and tattered menus.

"My wine glass was so grubby that I decided not only to leave it but that I certainly didn't want to eat there!!

"When my husband addressed the issues with a staff member, he was told they were busy!! Vile place & atmosphere!"

See the full list of reviews via the TripAdvisor website.

The Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Where: 1-2 Fleet Street, Swindon SN1 1RQ England

TripAdvisor Ranking: 3.0 (191 reviews)

With 37 'Terrible' reviews, The Sire Daniel Arms has the highest percentage of 'Terrible' reviews out of the Wetherspoons in Wiltshire.

One customer asked on TripAdvisor: "What happened to Sir Dans?" before leaving this review: "Me and my friends regularly go to the Sir Dan's for food and drink, we haven't been for months and after this visit definitely won't be returning.
"The staff are so rude and seem to think they are doing you a favour just serving you..... when they're not stood around chatting!
"The managers are arrogant and have zero tolerance for people in general, no wonder the staff have bad attitudes.
"Even the lure of cheap drinks isn't enough to make up for such crap customer service."

See the full list of reviews via the TripAdvisor website.