THE son-in-law of a 96-year-old housebound Marlborough woman says she's heard nothing about getting her vital Covid booster jab.

And he told the Gazette he fears she won't be the only person in that position.

“She would love to have a Covid booster jab, but it appears that housebound people like her who live in Marlborough are unable to get one," he said.

“We were told in October by her GP surgery, the Kennet & Avon Medical Practice, that they are not doing Covid booster vaccines, but that she is on a list that is meant to be dealt with by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

“So far, my mother-in-law has heard nothing.We have been unable to contact the CCG. Its phone number says to leave a message as its staff are all working at home.

“At 96 years old, my mother-in-law is obviously worried, especially as she has visits from carers three times a day who – even if fully vaccinated – still pose a risk to her.

"Having spoken to KAMP, I understand that all of its housebound patients who want a booster jab and cannot be taken to a clinic are in a similar situation.”

A spokesman for KAMP said: “Please be assured that this important patient group has not been overlooked.

"Covid booster vaccines are being delivered to housebound patients by the CCG.These patients are being contacted at present, many have already been vaccinated.

“The delivery of vaccines to housebound patients is a logistical challenge.

"The Pfizer vaccine has to be diluted in small batches and then transported very carefully to patients in their own homes within six hours. This complicated exercise takes time to organise and deliver.”

The CCG added: “Some patients have already received their booster, others will be visited over the coming weeks.

"We do ask for patience while colleagues carry out this logistically-complex programme.

"To help get vaccines out quickly, drivers from St John Ambulance will be helping to take clinicians across rural areas.Visits to patients’ homes will continue to January.”