CONCERNS over traffic and smells were raised a a public consultation held by Wadworth over its bid to move to a new site in Devizes.

The brewery held an open event for the public to look over its plans to move from its iconic Northgate building to the former Selectabook site on Folly Road.

Held inside the new building, visitors had the opportunity to look around the site and over the plans the brewer hopes to submit in December.

Nearby residents coming to see the plans raised issues of noise, brewing smells and traffic – as well as seagulls – with the company.

One Whitehorse Way resident Gill Whitty said the plans looked well thought out and was reassured that the development would not produce the typical brewing smells.

“I was a bit worried about traffic with tankers coming and going, and that junction with London Road is quite narrow and they said there’s the possibility there might be a mini-roundabout or even traffic lights," she said.

“But they said there wouldn’t be that many tankers.”

Another nearby resident said the plans were clear and we’re encouraged by plans to 'soften the building'.

Brian Appleby said: “It’s good to see the site potentially being reused.

“I’m probably far away to be worried about anything like noise or smells. Traffic-wise I think this will have a lot less impact than a big housing development."

A resident who lives in the former barracks added: “I’m surprised at how big the premises is – I’ve never been before – and it’s on the outskirts and some people will complain about it but, actually, what I’ve seen makes sense.”

Wadworth managing director Toby Bartholomew said: “The brewing process we have in the traditional Victorian brewery was built in 1885.

“It was a gravity-fed brewery and it has now reached the end of its useful life for us and its very inefficient for what we want to achieve.

“So we have come to the edge of Devizes to find a building and put new brewery kit in which reflects the size we are now and will be much more efficient and environmentally friendly and more flexible in terms of the beers we want to produce.”

“This is a step forward for us and I think we can produce something pretty special here, but obviously we’re very mindful of the area and the residents."

He added that with the new brewing equipment that smells will not be an issue and that the noise will be minimal.

“There’s a concern about the road itself –Folly Road – having cars parked on there but we’re creating car parking space for all the team at the brewery,” he said.

Mr Bartholomew said in terms of sustainability they are looking at all the kit they need to create a more environmentally-friendly Wadworth.

On to the issue of seagulls which has blighted the area, Mr Bartholomew said Wadworth would work with architects to help seagull-proof the building.

Deputy leader of the council and councillor for the area, Laura Mayes said: “It’s really important that residents get a chance to come and see the plans, ask questions and have any concerns they have discussed and raised.