The council has approved reserved matters plans for nearly 40 houses in Chippenham.

BDW Trading has been granted planning permission for its plans to build 37 houses in north Chippenham on Hill Corner Road, west of the A350.

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The town council lodged no objection to the plans, however the plans were not without opposition.

Residents, Chris and Deana Box said: “It is worrying that we have suffered problems with underfloor heating pipes leaking requiring a total revamp of the central heating system; roof tiles along ridge slipping and falling; new cracks appearing in structure and masonry falling from roof. We have lived here since 1981 and problems have all occurred all since work started in 2018.

“Now we face the prospect of more major ground changes with this application. The water table is very high with old ditches piped underground in the late 1980’s to enlarge the fields and any further extensive drainage would be worrying for both Barrow Farm and Barrow Cottage buildings.

"The current developers have experienced expensive problems with drainage.”