Supporters of Furlong Close residents are celebrating the removal of Hft's sign at the entrance to the street.

The branding has been a source of upset since it was installed.

A spokesman for the Families and Friends of Furlong Close said they were delighted by the removal.

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The group added that since it was given an inadequate rating from the Care Quality Commission, Hft had strengthened the management and made positive steps to address the safeguarding issues at the complex.

Hft has asked Wiltshire Council about a new road sign for the street in Rowde.

In a statement it said: “The CQC’s guidance sets out the regulator’s desire that the homes of those in the community who have disability are indistinguishable from all other homes in the locality and for this reason the CQC requests that care providers should not display any branded signage.”

“The removal of the sign by Hft is yet another very positive step in the collaborative approach being followed by Hft and the Families and Friends in their united desire to ensure that Furlong Close regains its Good ratings on all categories inspected by the regulator.

“To that end a successful first meeting has been held between Hft management and representatives of the Families and Friends and it is intended that this monitoring group shall meet regularly to discuss care on site and in particular to discuss Hft’s rapid response to concerns expressed by CQC in its most recent inspection report.”

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Hft regional director for the south west, Emma Bagley said: “The Hft sign at the entrance to Furlong Close was removed just over a week ago and we have contacted the local authority about a private road sign for the street.”

The Families and Friends spokesman added: “These are positive moves in building a constructive relationship with Hft which will pave the way for a viable, sustainable future for Furlong Close and its current and future residents.”