The show may yet go on…. Concert At The Kings – the Glastonbury of Pewsey Vale – that has drawn thousands to see famous bands perform at the back of a village pub, officially called an end its decade-long run of sell-out shows in September.

But one of the founders, local rock star Andy Scott of The Sweet, has now revealed that there could be a comeback for the charity gig which has raised almost £200,000 for Rock Against Cancer.

Andy said that the reaction from the 5,000 who attended the farewell shows was so overwhelming that he would like the gig to continue.

He created the gig in 2012 with Richard Baulu, landlord of The King’s Arms in All Cannings, and sound engineer neighbour John Callis.

They staged the show in a field at the back of Richard’s beer garden. Artists including Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, Squeeze, The Boomtown Rats, Jeff Beck and The Sweet have performed.

But just when Wiltshire music fans thought it was all over, Andy has revealed a rock revival could happen yet.

“It’s probably not a bad idea to let it rest for a year or two, but looking at the way the audience was at the last shows, I would like to see it continue,” he said.

Andy was speaking as he prepares to lead The Sweet out on their first UK tour since the pandemic began, and he revealed that the virus has changed the way that rock and roll partying used to be.

“There’s new protocols on the tour. There will be no mixing with the fans and everyone will have to appreciate that,” said the 72-year-old guitarist.

"I’m hoping that most of the audiences will be sensible and double-jabbed. They will be slightly older and won’t be the kind of people who will be dancing with others. If they want to wear a mask, fine, and if you want to sing along, make sure you’re pointing in the right direction.

“If one of the band goes down with Covid then the tour’s off. So I’ve said to the band, ‘be sensible and think of yourself as in lockdown for a month, all the way until the end of the tour’. On tours like this you don’t get to the hotel until midnight and you’re usually on the road again at nine the next morning, so a man of my age will be looking forward to getting some sleep and not partying until two in the morning,” he said.

The Sweet UK tour runs Nov 25 to December 20.