Plans to cut down seven apple trees in Salbourne have been rejected.

Tony Egerton of Orchard House, Kingston Road in Shalbourne put in a bid to the council to remove seven apple trees from his front garden.

The council’s planning officers declined to approve the application.

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“The above application does not meet the criteria for removing mature Apple trees that are considered to be significant contributors to the local landscape and wildlife habitat,” planning officers said.

“The Apple trees have splits, tears, cavities, deadwood and hollow trunks which are all essential features for wildlife and could support roosting Bats as well as a diverse range of invertebrates.

“Wiltshire Council considers the application to be unjustified and it is refused.

“One of the reasons given within the application is that the trees have not fruited lately, this is because of recent unauthorised poor pruning that has left the trees with reduced fruiting buds.”