A PLANNING appeal has been launched after Wiltshire Council rejected plans for four new apartments in Devizes.

Clive Stanton of Long Lane in Bexley Heath had bid to redevelop the lock-up garages at Garage Court at the back of 121-125 Brickley Lane.

It was proposed that Mr Stanton would transform the garages into four apartments with on-site car parking spaces.

The council gave three principal reasons for rejecting the application, the first being that the two-storey proposal would lead to a “cramped and contrived” development.

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Planning officers continued: “The development in close proximity to the adjoining area of public open space would sterilise an area of the space from public use and enjoyment, thereby being detrimental to the Green Infrastructure network of the area.

“The development would not provide for an appropriate level of amenity for the occupants of the flats, due to lack of private outdoor amenity space, proximity to the public open space and lack of defensible space adjacent to living areas. In this respect the development fails to demonstrate a high quality of design.”

Those who wish to comment on the planning appeal must contact the planning inspectorate (APP/Y3940/W/21/3279359) by Tuesday, November 23.