A CHIPPENHAM man has been committed to Salisbury Crown Court for sentence on November 12 after pleading guilty to dangerous driving and three other offences.

Tadgh Joey Espeut-Nickless, 28, pleaded guilty to driving a Mercedes Index van dangerously at Devizes on February 5 2021.

It was alleged that the offence occurred during a chase on Dowse Road, Spittlecroft Road, Brickley Lane, Jump Road, Windsor Drive, Cromwell Road and Elm Tree Gardens.

Espeut-Nickless, of Long Close, Chippenham, appeared before a court in Salisbury on October 15. He was remanded on unconditional bail

He also pleaded guilty to failing to stop for a police officer on February 5, and to one drug-driving offence on the same date.

The court was told that the proportion of Delta-9-Hydrocannabinol in his blood, not less than 2.1UG/L, was found to be over the legal limit of 2 micrograms per litre of blood (2ug).

Espeut-Nickless also pleaded guilty to possessing the Class B drug cannabis on the same date.