A HIGH-tech Wiltshire company has developed a highly innovative range of software solutions for the emergency services which would bypass a control room operator or call centre.

getITright Ltd says the software developed at its offices in Devizes would allow users to report incidents directly to emergency services IT systems and then provide updates.

Chief executive George Greig said: “We have recently been awarded a very exciting piece of work which will see us deliver our Community & Operational Policing (COP) Hub into a territorial/county police force; this product has the potential to become part of a nation wide IT offering.

“getITright Ltd is immensely proud to have secured this work and I wholeheartedly believe that the solution will deliver huge benefits, not only from an IT perspective, but also from a national social and public safety point of view.

“COP Hub™ has been designed to enable the public to access police IT systems in a controlled manner on a self-service basis at fixed points and via a mobile application.

“Initially, we have been tasked to deliver a proof of concept, with an agreed set of functionality that will allow the public to use the ‘hub’ to report a crime, update a crime and for officers to initiate emergency assistance with the information being fed into the appropriate ‘live’ police systems via an interface.

“This effectively means the public report their crime directly and do not need to feed it in through a police call taker which has numerous benefits to both parties.

“In the first instance, it saves handling time by the police control room staff, as the information will be input directly by a member of the public, rather than being relayed through a control room operator.

“Secondly, the member of the public will know that the detail is recorded as they wish it to be, receive a receipt with a reference number and have the ability to track it personally during its investigation” said Mr Greig, whose company is now in its second year.

“This will provide a significant public confidence boost on the basis that there is tangible evidence that the crime has been formally recorded and cannot be simply ‘filed and forgotten’, a claim that is regularly (albeit unfairly) made against the police in all areas of the country.

“In the event of successful trialling of the proof of concept, COP HUB can be incrementally enhanced to provide additional technological features such as web-chat, produce documents, upload video images , allowing still greater collaboration between the community and their police force, further strengthening the public safety model through joint working.

“This completely unique solution and approach can help to reset police and community relationships in so many ways. It will build bridges between the parties, assisting an already stretched police service to keep us all safe.”

“It is fairly common knowledge that the government is striving to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers by 2023 but that will not alleviate the fact that many more are leaving in parallel to this recruitment drive.

“Public confidence in police investigation of their crimes is low and facilitating public involvement will help to address that problem, clearly demonstrating ongoing efforts.

“Such actions will bring the police and the public closer together and, in doing so, it will inevitably strengthen understanding on both sides; as a direct consequence, it can help address recruitment problems, officer retention and in its simplest form, deliver better outcomes for all.

“As a relatively new and small Wiltshire based company we are determined to bring through innovation and in doing so, demonstrate that delivering high quality, affordable and high impact solutions doesn’t need to take years or to empty the public purse, our speed of movement and flexibility as a business is already demonstrating this point.”