POLICE in Pewsey have won praise from the chairman of the parish council for stopping vandalism at the town’s soccer club.

Cllr Curly Haskell said: “I made a plea for everyone to report any issue of criminality including anti-social behaviour to the police, as well as to the parish council.

“I am pleased to report that those responsible for the recent vandalism of the Pewsey Vale Football Club pitch were identified using CCTV.

“Police have now spoken to all those involved, with the exception of a bike rider, and warned them of the serious consequences of any repeat of their behaviour, including the seizing and crushing of any vehicles involved in illegality.

“The people spoken to all apologised and undertook not to hang around the club in future, so we hope that no further action is required.

“In the meantime the police have also said that further patrols will be done in order to deter further issues.

He added: “This is a very good result and emphasises the importance of all us reporting issues to the police by phoning 101 when they happen.”